3 Top-Ranked Universities in Portugal

Besides some of the beautiful beaches and breathtaking cities, Portugal is also famous for having a high quality of education. Statistically, Portugal has some of the best-ranked universities. Its higher learning institutions attracts thousands of students from every corner of the world. Other than academic excellence, Portuguese universities have continued to prove their ability to impact positively to communities on research and innovation. Therefore, the following are the top 3 highest ranked universities in Portugal.

1. University of Porto

The University of Porto is without any doubt, one of the centers of excellence not only in Portugal but in Europe. This university has continued to thrive in academic performance ever since it was found in early 1911. The main campus is located in the city of Porto. However, there are other branches distributed within major towns of Portugal. Being a public institution, the university has the second-highest number of enrolled students. There are over 32,000 community students as well as 4,500 international students. 

Over the past decades, the University of Porto has been known as a cutting edge institution for those students who would like to pursue scientific studies and research. Studying In this institution is a golden opportunity. It makes you well rounded to fit into the job market because of the excellence of their courses. Besides, adequate learning facilities, the institution has a set of specialized and professional workforce. Currently, the university is ranked at 130 internationally and top 3 in Portugal by international ranking systems. 

2. Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is the second highest-ranked university in Portugal. On a global index, the university stands at 361 as per the international ranking systems. This university was founded in the year 1973. Ever since, its foundation, the university has the tradition of producing top-notch education in the European region. The Universidade NOVA de Lisboa offers top-quality courses which help students to succeed in their workplace. Also, it provides a variety of interdisciplinary research and promotes social change. Currently, the university hosts about 42 research and development units, some of which it has partnered with other institutions. The university has its main campus in Lisbon. However, there are other branches located in major towns and cities in Portugal. 

3. University of Lisbon

This university is the largest in Portugal in terms of the student population. It hosts over 47,000 students (both community and international). The university which was founded in 1911 has its main campus situated in Lisbon. 

The university is fully fitted with specialized facilities and structure to ensure nothing but quality education. Also, the university has over 400-degree course well spread within the 18 schools. Therefore, it is a major center of research, sports, innovation, and culture. Some of the most recognized courses include engineering, physics, computer and informatics, biological sciences, among others. 

Conclusively, Portugal is one country that boasts not only of unique culture and beautiful scenery but also high levels of education. According to international ranking, the top three universities in the countries include university of Porto, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and the University of Lisbon. 

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